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Introduce domino game:

Domino app is a game of Japan, have played in the board now have been on mobile. It’s very easy when you playing and graphic preatty great for anyone like simple. Domino app on mobile same real life, with rules and the way not to change, it’s adventage for anyone knew play this game before. With anyone never know this game, they will be like it because it so excited and not to bore.

Feature of domino app game mobile download:

domino app
– 10 different domino games, includes classical domino, drawing the game, block games, mexican ship, silly person, navy Kozel, human, woft human, Kozel, Bergen, the game will have adding in the next update.

– Three  direct game with different players

– Reward everyday.

– 2-4 people best.

– Friendly interface.

– AI hard.

– global cloud board guide.

– Comprehensive statistics singleplayer

– Mexican ship will have available for many people in the next update.
domino app
The pieces of dominos apk game create domino app set, sometime have called is a deck or a package. Classical domino apk full sets of traditional Central europe includes 28 domino chessman, colloquial nickname is bone, card, brick, ticket, rock or spinning yarn. Every domino is rectangle brick have one division line is faceinto at both ends square of it! Each pate have marked by some points or empty. One domino set is one device general play game, similar playing card or dice. In this have games can plays with a set. Have some extend set, they have using for Mexican ship. You will be surprise with this game domino qq apk when you play it

Let’s download domino app and discover!

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