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if you accidentally search v9bet app on google, on betting forum or online casino community then you can see many information about v9bet is cheat. So what is the real deal? Is v9bet app still worth trusting players?
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v9bet is prestige ranked first in the world and in Vietnam, have many players play in here and have been highly appreciated but have a few information make v9bet was suspected is cheat.

Causes make v9bet app appear phishing rumors:

The first v9: by the player do not follow the intrustion of dealer in registration process lead to phenomena do not receive the promotion money of dealer so have phenomena v9bet cheat. Or to spread the gossip of the promotion to trick players.

The second v9bet mobile: At the present have many wed page impersonating football betting house in particular and v9bet dealer in general to get money of players in this wed page. They create  many fake links to engage players. Therefore, there are many players who do not understand the technology will be trapped.

And the last one: Because have many players lose in the game, The remaining money is less than 200 USD so it is not possible to withdraw or bring out new leads to hate and scam v9bet app deceptive bankers do not allow withdrawals v9bet.
v9bet app
Sumary, before when choose the dealer, let’s look carefully before bring decision, the best way is to ask those who have played before to understand more about these houses. Be a wise man to be able to judge what good news is, and what is bullshit, not for gossiping rumors but for betting fish that you personally believe.
Compatible iOS version: iOS 10.0 or later. QR-Code.
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